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Kickstart your NAU program with ACE Alternative Credit Project

The Alternative Credit Project™ (ACP) provides you access to a pool of online courses at low or no cost that Northern Arizona University (NAU) will accept toward your degree. NAU will accept up to 64 transfer credits from a combination of regionally accredited two-year colleges and the American Council on Education (ACE) Alternative Credit Project. A national program of the American Council on Education, supported by a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the ACP is designed to help adults finish what they started — a two- or four-year degree, or a postsecondary certificate.

Even if you’re not ready to apply yet, NAU is here to help. We have admissions counselors, financial advisers, and academic advisors who specialize in helping students who have started careers or families to come back to school and finish their education. Your Future. Made Here.

You may request your ACP transcript directly from the American Council on Education.

Northern Arizona University

NAU Admission Overview

Northern Arizona University is committed to providing you with a seamless transition, whether you are transferring from one of our partner Arizona community colleges or from another university, including your ACP courses.

In addition to the lowest university tuition in the state, NAU's award-winning 2NAU joint-admission program and transfer-friendly degree programs make earning a respected four-year degree more convenient and accessible than ever.

We make admission decisions once we have your complete application, including transcripts and other supporting documents. What we need from you to consider admission depends on your history and plans:

  • If you have not earned at least 12 college credits at another institution or through the Alternative Credit Project, please see our regular admissions information.
  • If you attended NAU in the past, please see our readmission information.
  • If you want to attend a community college on your way to completing an NAU degree, see if the 2NAU program works for you.
  • If you have between 12 and 90 credits to transfer, admissions requirements vary depending on your age and credits or associate degrees earned.

Remember, once all your materials are in, we’ll make our decision. We are happy to talk or chat with you and help you figure out your next step. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed while you consider your options.

Transfers Are Easy

Quote from student Veronica Barbieri that reads: Transfering to NAU was easy. I had a great advisor who helped me along the way and guided me

Transfering to NAU was easy. I had a great advisor who helped me along the way and guided me.

Veronica Barbieri, B.A.S. Public Administration, 2015
In 2012, there were 7,600 nontraditional students enrolled at NAU. You have a lot of company on this journey!
40% of our Extended Campuses students are entirely online. We have the resources to make this work for you, from online learning tools to advisors who can work with you from a distance.

NAU Offers These Degrees And Certificates

NAU offers 145 bachelor-level degrees and pre-professional programs. Explore our full list of degrees — you can search by campus, too.

The Old Main Building At NAU


Whether you earn one of 145 degrees at our historic Flagstaff campus, at one of 35 community campuses located throughout Arizona, or online, you will be prepared to reach your potential.


Northern Arizona University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Services for You at NAU

Once admitted to Northern Arizona University, you are assigned an academic advisor. Your NAU academic advisor will:

  • Help you identify your career goals and figure out what you want to achieve.
  • Ensure you take the right college courses for your degree program.
  • Identify resources to enhance your academic success and personal development.
  • Provide support and guidance throughout your college career.

Personalized Learning students have separate Faculty Mentors who serve as academic advisors and success coaches.

If you have served in the U.S. military, our Military and Veteran Virtual Center provides additional help on benefits, organizations, and succeeding at NAU.

Northern Arizona University

NAU Accepts These ACP Courses

Download a PDF of all courses, or browse the categories below: